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Adamina Shepard. Spacer. Butcher of Torfan. All around goody too shoes. Savior of the Citadel, Destroyer of Geth, Mother of Four, wife, sister, all of these are titles that fit me, but really just call me Mina or Adie if you prefer

((FC for Adamina is Anne Hathaway. I will RP with anyone and everyone, just bear with me if I'm not that well versed. OCs are welcome since Adamina is technically one. Sometimes NSFW))

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Daughters of darkness
Sisters insane
A little evil
Goes a long, long way
We stand together
No we’re not afraid
We’ll live forever
Daughters of darkness
Daughters of darkness

Addison and Portia like hanging out with each other. They understand each other the most maybe out of all of the Shepards and Martels. They’ve even thought up a name when they’re on a team together.

They are the Daughters of Darkness.

Adamina thinks it works quite well for the two.