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Adamina Shepard. Spacer. Butcher of Torfan. All around goody too shoes. Savior of the Citadel, Destroyer of Geth, Mother of Four, wife, sister, all of these are titles that fit me, but really just call me Mina or Adie if you prefer

((FC for Adamina is Anne Hathaway. I will RP with anyone and everyone, just bear with me if I'm not that well versed. OCs are welcome since Adamina is technically one. Sometimes NSFW))

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Kaidan looked at the woman beside him. She’d been flirting with the target since they arrived at the night club. Kaidan leaned over, “You know what to do right?”

She giggled, “Of course. See you later, darling.”

Adamina Shepard bounced over to the target and held out a hand, “Care to dance?”

It was all going to plan, or so Kaidan thought. Adamina was supposed to be getting close to the target so they could steal his riches. Truth be told, Adamina hadn’t even looked for the jewels. She’d learned everything there was to know about Cassius and more, and when he invited her back to his place she never said no.

"You know what my wonderful big sister has been doing?"

"What Addison, what has she been doing?"

"She’s been bumping uglies with your target. Think you should talk to her about that?"


"I thought we had an understanding, Shepard."

"What are you talking about, Kaidan?"

AU: Adamina and her family are jewel thieves working under Kaidan Alenko. Kaidan gives her a job to seduce and rob Cassius Martel. Adamina has other plans. She falls in love with Cassius, and they start a secret relationship. It’s not very secret when her little sister, Addison, tells Kaidan all about it.

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