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Adamina Shepard. Spacer. Butcher of Torfan. All around goody too shoes. Savior of the Citadel, Destroyer of Geth, Mother of Four, wife, sister, all of these are titles that fit me, but really just call me Mina or Adie if you prefer

((FC for Adamina is Anne Hathaway. I will RP with anyone and everyone, just bear with me if I'm not that well versed. OCs are welcome since Adamina is technically one. Sometimes NSFW))




Here you go you fuckin nerds

why does this have so many notes

Nerds is why.




Here you go you fuckin nerds

why does this have so many notes

Nerds is why.


How I imagine Agent Coulson dances after a few drinks

Briley Martel kept his head down and his eyes open. Of course his sister had to come to Kirkwall. Of course. Briley tried not to look conspicuous, but it was sort of hard.

He was a mage. Not an apostate, he had signed documents saying he could leave the tower in Fereldan to find his little sister, Annalise, after the blight.

Like most Fereldans Anna had fled to Kirkwall, so here he was searching through the dingy streets to find his rogue sister.

       ”I’ll never see her again.” Briley grumbled aloud.


Portia let out a small sigh. “OK, I am starting to see why Hirana has kept me locked up. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. But see people are already looking happier about seeing me.”

Portia didn’t like the idea of anyone following them around. The climate in the city was such that this scared her more than just being out with Brutus.

image ”They’re probably wondering why you’re out with me instead of my brothers or the captain.” Brutus checked behind them. The rogue had stopped. Brutus could tell by the man’s demeanor that he was on his guard. Something was about to happen.


Hirana found himself smiling at Addison. He knew her smile was for the cake, but he liked seeing her smile. Few people had touched him like she had. Her sister Adamina and his sister and cousin were among a very  small list of people he felt truly close to.

"We don’t have a reason to go to the Citadel but as captain of the ship I have a responsibility to make sure my people are 100 percent. And since fresh meals and new equipment meet that goal, I believe I am within my rights. It is all about playing the red tape, dear."

Hirana handed Addison her plate with a huge slice of cake on it, taking an equally large slice for himself. 


Addison reached out and touched Hirana’s hand, “Thank you.” Her voice was quiet, but she meant the words. Hirana had done so much for her since Omega, and he’d definitely grown on her.

adrianomartelandsiblings said: Naswyn/Brutus "Shut up and listen." Portia/Addison "Do you remember this?" Adriano/Max "Give it back." Fulia/Adamina "Want to hear a secret?" Cassius/Shyanne "Don’t look at me like that." Hirana/Julius "Take responsibility."

image“Shut up and listen.”

Brutus faltered. He’d been complaining to Naswyn about how tough Julius had been on Ashlynn lately. He was worried about his daughter and his brother, “Nas…”

"No, sir. You need to hear me out. Your brother is extremely worried about his daughter, and Ash is partly to blame. I know you don’t like the way he’s treated her, but you’d be the same way towards Gwen had Ashlynn been in her place."

Brutus sighed. That was true except he probably just been harder on Gwen on the Berlin, giving her extra duties and what-not. Not what Julius had done to Ash.

"Go talk to him, Brute. You need to tell Julius how you feel about this situation, not me."

"Yeah, I will. Sorry I came to you about this; I just … needed someone to talk to." Brutus stood and started up his omni-tool. He called up Julius, "Jules, bro we need to talk."

image“Do you remember this?”

"Huh?" Addison looked up from the box she’d been rooting through. They were going through Portia’s baby clothes for Ashlynn. She grinned when she saw the onesie that the redhead held.

"You gave this to me right before the twins were born." Portia giggled, "You should use this for the baby."

Addison reached for the tiny article, “Mommy’s little badass. Hopefully she’ll live up to her namesake.” She folded the onesie and placed it on the top of the pile, “Hopefully mine will live up to it too.”

"You know she will. We’re going to be raising her." Portia smiled.

"We?" Addison cocked her head to the side, a smirk plastered to her lips, "So Rana and I have a mouse in our pockets."

"You know what I mean. I’m going to help with her just as much as Captain Grumpy-butt will." Portia stated matter-of-factly. Addison laughed, knowing full well that Portia would be right there if she ever needed her.

 “Give it back.” - Modern AU


"Come on, Shepherd. Give it."

"No." Max answered holding it closer to his chest.

"Maximus Shepherd, if you don’t not give me that back right now I swear to Zeus." Adriano growled stepping closer to the other man.

"Your threats don’t scare me, Martel. If you want it, come and get it." Max grinned, side-stepping Adriano as he launched himself at Shepherd. A smirk filled his face but was quickly squashed when Adriano pulled him down to the ground. Max gasped as Adriano grasped the inside of his thigh.

"Give it!" Adriano growled once again and squeezed Max’s thigh.

"Never!" Max groaned, trying to wiggle away from Adriano’s grabby hands.

"Max, come on. I just want to play Mass Effect Online without fighting with the controller. Gimmie." Adriano pushed Max away and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Max rolled his eyes and gave in. Handing his boyfriend the good playstation controller, Max stood up and walked over to the couch. Adriano grinned, "Victory!"

 “Want to hear a secret?” - Mass Effect AU

Adamina groaned. Julius had accidentally left one of his experiments out on the table, and it had accidentally turned Fulia into a ten year old; Adamina was playing mom for five kids instead of just four.

"Miiiinaaaa!!" Fulia whined, "I asked if you wanted to hear a secret!!"

Adamina furrowed her brow, “Lia, you’ve been telling me secrets for the last three hours. Haven’t you told me enough?”

"Nope!!" Fulia giggled and bounced away from the older woman. Adamina groaned again, pinching the bridge of her nose. Today was going to be a long one.

 “Don’t look at me like that.” - Dragon Age AU

"Like what?" Shyanne cocked her head to the side, smiling at the mage. Cassius was very well trained and very adept in the magics he possessed. He was also very good at working at kinks the warrior got when she was out fighting bandits on the Wounded Coast.

"Like you’re going to eat me." Cassius gulped, turning away from the half-naked warrior.

"Was I? I thought I was looking at you with an appreciative gaze. Guess I’ll have to work on my flirting." She grinned, pulling her tunic over her head; he shook his head.

"Your flirting is very bad, Miss."

She stood from his bed and wrapped her arms around his waist. She leaned her head on his shoulder, whispering against his neck, “Well maybe you should teach me how to do it the right way.” 

 “Take responsibility.”

"Said the most responsible guy ever." Julius cocked an eyebrow, "What am I taking responsibility for this time?"

"For— wait a minute, you think I am the ‘most responsible person’?" The elder man paused in his reprimanding. He’d been talking to a junior crewman not Julius, but the Engineer must have assumed, "Julius, are you serious?"

"Yeah. Why not? You’re a pretty great guy. You always do as your told, eat your vegetables, save damsels in distress and when you get into trouble you take full responsibility for it." Julius shrugged, "You’re a role model, Hirana. A sometimes scary, growling, ‘scream down your throat’ role model, but one nonetheless."

Hirana shook his head. That was probably one of the nicest things anyone had said about him. Julius shrugged again, “So what did I do wrong?”

"You didn’t do anything wrong, Jules. Nothing at all."

adaminashepardcommander said: [text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent.




[text] You what?
[text] Adie, what the hell?

[text] What? He attacked me.

[text] I was defending myself the best way I know how.

[text] By killing the guy?

[text] Does it make you feel any better if I say that he shot first?

//Holy shit I have drafts to answer. I haven’t wanted to even look at my keyboard and now it’s like ‘must write things!’ Yeah, I’m doing this.

//Holy shit I have drafts to answer. I haven’t wanted to even look at my keyboard and now it’s like ‘must write things!’ Yeah, I’m doing this.








"birds and squirrels and earth and sky"


I freakin love my dogs.

Holy fuck. I love my dog. She ain’t ever going anywhere.

Does anyone else see “Dedicated to Rambo May he live a thousand years” at the bottom? Because I can’t. I’ve just got a dog treat in my eye is all

Nooo!! I’m already stuffed up from being sick and now I’m crying! This is not okay!!

This is exactly what owning a dog is