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Adamina Shepard. Spacer. Butcher of Torfan. All around goody too shoes. Savior of the Citadel, Destroyer of Geth, Mother of Four, wife, sister, all of these are titles that fit me, but really just call me Mina or Adie if you prefer

((FC for Adamina is Anne Hathaway. I will RP with anyone and everyone, just bear with me if I'm not that well versed. OCs are welcome since Adamina is technically one. Sometimes NSFW))


HBO’s Official 2014 Emmy After Party [x]

  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "So what’ve you been doing since you left?"
  • "Did you even think about calling?"
  • "But I went to your funeral!"
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "I’ve thought about you every day since."
  • "So I left, what’s the big deal?"
  • "I tried to call you."
  • "Did you ever get that postcard I sent?"
  • "Have you told anyone?"
  • "So you disappear off the face of the earth and then you come back and just expect to pick up exactly where we left off?"
  • "I came back for you."
  • "Did it ever occur to you that I might’ve moved on?"
  • "Well maybe I don’t want to see you again."
  • "I thought I’d never see you again."
  • "I left you a billion voicemails."
  • "Don’t ever do that again."


★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?
◆ If you had been born into your muse’s world, who would you be and what sort of life would you have?
☂ What are your favourite words?
● Admit to three guilty pleasures and/or embarrassing facts about yourself
♣ Out of all of the characters in your muse’s world, which would you be proudest to have had as your own child? What would you feel about their life choices?
☑ What is your most unusual, but favourite OTP?
☀ List three of your favourite things
♫ What was your very first fandom?
♥ Recommend one book, one movie and one song.
♔ Out of all the ships that you have/have had with your muse, which one was the most unexpected?


The thread tracker will be updated with my final reply before I go off to bed because there are days where I do not want to RP because I am in a funk of some kind. If you reply to any RP, and I don’t see it just shoot me a message or poke me if you are standing beside me and really want to write your reply like now (Adriano).

Beauty and Bravery : adrianomartelandsiblings : Medieval Verse
       Brutus Shepherd is a young knight left in charge of the castle’s youngest daughter, Princess Portia Martel. Portia is a handful, but Brutus really doesn’t mind.

                               ~I Replied~

Stranded : adrianomartelandsiblings : Spans Four Verses - 1. 2. 3. 4.
       Shyanne Shepard and Adriano Martel have the worst luck. Every time they go out on a mission together the vehicle breaks down and some kind of storm hits. And if that’s not all, they’re both very prone to accidents and attacks by all kinds of baddies.

                               ~I Replied~

Lover’s Weekend : adrianomartelandsiblings : Post Reaper War
       Adamina Martel is woke up by her husband, Cassius, with a huge breakfast. The two have the apartment to themselves, and they’re going to enjoy the opportunity.

                               ~I Replied~

Berlin Nights : adrianomartelandshepards : Will Possibly Span More Verses Later -  Lazarus Project Verse
Addison Shepard was just a merc on Omega working for Aria T’Loak until Captian Hirana Martel of the SSV Berlin saved her and Cassius. Now she’s a civilian consultant, and she’s a flirt. Who’s the object of her affection? The Captain of course.

                               ~I Replied~

Text Meme : philcoul : My Backwards Life Verse
One text to Phil could get the former Allaince Marine in trouble, but Mina’s gonna send it anyway.

                               ~I Replied~

Open : adrianomartelandsiblings
      Adamina feels eyes on her ass, and of course it’s Portia. She appreciates the older woman’s body.

                               ~I Replied~

Shadow Magic : adrianomartelandsiblings : Dragon Age Verse
 Briley Martel is a Circle Mage from Fereldan wandering the streets of Kirkwall looking for his younger sister, Annalise. What sort of trouble will these two get in in a city where mages are hunted.

                               ~I Replied~

Tattooed on My Heart : adrianomartelandsiblings : Mass Effect AU - SR1 Verse
 Everyone is born with their soulmate’s name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark and my muse got your muse’s name on their wrist. Max Shepard just met his, and boy is she beautiful.

                               ~I Replied~

Of Handlers and Heroes : adriannomartelandsiblings : Marvel Heroes
       Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D husband and wife team, Julius and Fulia Shepherd are about to get a lot more than they bargained for.

                              ~I Replied~

Two Mages in Kirkwall : adrianomartelandsiblings : Dragon Age
        James is a Circle Mage exploring Thedas; Addison is an apostate under a templar’s protection. Surely they can’t get into too much trouble. Can they?

~I Replied~

Training Grounds : adrianomartelandsiblings : Medieval Verse
         King Hirana Martel finds his nephew, Prince Briley Martel, training with the sword he was given on his fifteenth name day. The King plans to show the young man just how to wield it.

                              ~I Replied~

What Did You Call Me? : dr-thuganomics : Wrestlers Life
          Just a bit of Eve and John joking around.

                              ~I Replied~

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adrianomartelandsiblings said: Soulmate (Max/Naswyn)



Naswyn Martel.

Max Shepard knew that name so well. Mainly because he’d seen it on his wrist since he was very small. His mother had told him that he’d meet her in due time, but he was thirty-one, and he’d still never met this ‘Naswyn’.

Max walked through around the Presidium, Williams and Alenko tailing behind when he saw a C-Sec agent in a bit of a pickle.

The new Spectre walked over to the blonde, smiling sweetly.

       “Is there a problem, Officer?”

Naswyn felt the blood drain from her face. Great. How long before he points his brother my way and I mess things up for ‘Lia?

"Shepard!" Naswyn shouted at the man’s back. She held up her arm, across which was written Max Shepard.

This is so much better than having to fight my way out of a lie.


Max turned towards the officer and froze. Written in such scratchy writing, the handwriting that he would know absolutely anywhere. He let go of the breath that he didn’t realize he was holding.


God, I knew she’d be beautiful. I just never realized…

He held up his wrist to her, showing the perfectly written name Naswyn Martel.


Fulia shook her head and smiled at her husband. She had been kicking him around for a few days since they got back. She had been working hard to get better, spending time with Black Widow, training.

"Of course dear. I don’t know how to say no to you. So how does a trip to Latveria sound? A nice second honeymoon, yes?"

Fulia glanced up from the fridge, to see her Julius’ reaction.

Julius groaned once again. Latveria? Really? Fury is absolutely nuts. He fell back against the bed, “Lia, did you ask him if he thought about sending, I don’t know, Hawk or Widow or maybe not us?”

His head lolled to the side. The last time the two had been sent to Latveria Fulia had ended up with a concussion, and he came home with a broken arm and a gash in his shin.

adaminashepardcommander said: ❝ Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? ❞ (Addison/James)


James looked at the older mage. He knew what she meant. It meant that it was time to head back to their hideout in the city. Kirkwall was a rough place, much worse than Fereldan. But James had promised his sister, Ashlynn, that he would leave Fereldan and see the world. He hoped by joining with an older mage he would be safe.

"Serah, we should start heading back to the city. Ser Adriano might be getting worried about us. We can come sit here tomorrow, before I head out in the next few days."

imageAddison sighed. Kirkwall was ugly and hard, but out here on the coast it was beautiful, serene. The smell of the ocean reminded her of the cold, brisk smells of winter in Fereldan. She looked back at James and nodded, “Of course, James. We would not want out templar friend to get caught with two apostates.”

She pushed herself up out of the sand and shook the sand from her robes. The maroon material settling back against her body as she stopped moving. “Until tomorrow.” She whispered to the waves.


Portia knew that Brutus was worried. She wished she hadn’t come out now. She put herself and more importantly to her, him in danger.

"I think tea sounds wonderful, Ser." 

Portia noticed more men glaring at her from up the street and tightened her grip on the dagger in her sleeve.

Brutus steered Portia into an unassuming house. He used to come there when Adamina was first married to the rogue master. As he reached for the door, it swung open.

The knight pulled his sword from its scabbard. His sister was almost always home unless she was with the king or the prince. “Stay close, Princess.”

He took a step towards the dining room. The largest room in the small house. “Sister, I’ve brought the Princess over for tea.”

There wasn’t an answer. Just a scrabbling noise that let Brute know they were in serious trouble.